Our Story

The company was founded by Mr. Udi Brizman, an industrial engineer with an MBA, specializing in marketing, who has more than 30 years of experience in the packaging industry and the business world in general.

Mr. Brizman previously founded and managed a factory for plastic mold injections for the packaging and automobile industries (for export) and later proceeded to various business management positions, specializing in creative marketing in the local and international markets, particularly in the fields of packaging and plastics.

In the last decade Mr. Brizman served as business development manager for one of the leading packaging distributors in the Israeli market specializing in the following segments: pharmaceutical, food supplements, foods, cosmetics and plastics.

Mr. Brizman has a thorough understanding of the business's professional side combined with maintaining a personal, close relationship with the right people in the industry from senior management, R&D, acquisition, Q.A staff and more.

Over the years, based on extensive global personal relations, Mr. Brizman has proved time and again that his perfectionism and expertise, as well as his out of the box innovative attitude can solve problems and offer solutions for packaging needs where others have failed.

One of Mr. Brizman unique characteristics is his ability to connect people and create joint ventures which many manufacturers thank him for.

In the year 2010 Mr. Brizman decided to establish his own business. taking advantage of his skills , education, expertise and connections and together with the selected team that joined him. the company started to serve the local industry while representing state of the art suppliers, importing products and offering business development consultation, all according to outstanding service standards.